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-40°C Double Door Medical Deep Freezer




-40°C medical deep freezers are designed to store vaccines, reagent, medicine and biomedical products, which is
widely used in research institution, clinics, electronic and medical fields.

Features :

  • The temperature accuracy is 0.1 °C.
  • Independent microprocessor control, adjustable temperature range:-20C ℃ to -40℃
  • Wide available voltage range: 187V~242V.
  • Independent door to avoid cooling leakage provide ensure good inner temperature uniformity.

Security :

  • Safety door lock and controller setting password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Build-in back-up battery to power temperature controller when power failure or system error.
  • Visual and audible alarm system.
  • Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system after power failure.
  • Controller error protection: when controller or two sensors failed, the device will keep working depending on the preset program.


  • 18 drawers for easy storing.
  • External and internal material is steel plate with corrosion resistant printing.
  • Service free fan motor for long time and safe use.
  • Environmental friendly CFC-free refrigerant and foam layer.

Optional Parts :

Data logger, Printer, 110V transformer.

 Specifications :


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